The Sound of your Triathlon, Running, or Special Event

December 2013

San Diego Holiday Half Marathon

A beautiful cool morning in San Diego for the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon
A very fast course with the winner finishing in 1.04. Over 4 thousand runners came out for the Inaugural event

This was the maiden voyage for the new RF Venue Antennas
As you might imagine trying to get every bit of range for my
Line 6 wireless microphones
these Antennas were a god send I’d say at least an extra 35% of coverage
That means being able to talk all the way from the stage in the background of this shot to the finish line!

Jingle Bells Run OC & Marin

Chosen as one of the Most Incredible Themed Races, Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis is a fun and festive way to kick off your holidays by helping others!

Wearing holiday themedostume runners had a great time. With jingle bells tied to your shoelaces. They raise funds to fight arthritis, the nation's leading cause of disability. A run or walk, 5 kilometer route with your team members and celebrate the season by giving. I had the pleasure of working two of the events OC and Marin this year